Friday, May 4, 2012

Extra:Travel to Taipei in Taiwan. First Day

Japan is in the middle the so-called Golden Week holiday period that began in late April and runs until this Sunday. 

I went on a trip to Taipei in Taiwan.Taiwan is particularly friendly country for Japanese.

This article has nothing to do with Japan.This is just my diary.

View from hotel room.

Taipei Areana

There was a lot of Japanese cartoon characters.
This is Chibi Maruko-chan. 

The ticket of taipei metro.

Advertisement of Japanese Company.
This is Miho Kanno. 


Tokyo disney resort.


I went to Taipei101 which is skyscraper in Taipei.  

I ate "shoronpo" in Taipei 101.

The view from Taipei 101.

After Taipei 101, I went to Shirin night market.  

I ate meat noodle.

The hotel where I stayed.

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